Makki – Kekhia Co. established in 1989 in the ancient city of Aleppo – Syria is considered one of the main Syrian companies that focused on producing cleaning and disinfecting products.


Due to the expansion of business and Makki – Kekhia's commitment to fulfill requests of its clients and to provide the best after sales service possible, its office in Damascus was inaugurated in 1996.


Products of Makki – Kekhia Co. became more diversified after gaining trust of all end users (local – foreign) and due to availing specialized cleaning and disinfecting products "according to GMP and WHO recommendations" requested by hospitals, health centers, poultry farms.


Due to the international progress and development in terms of Sterilization methods and disinfecting products and Makki – Kekhia's concern to remain in the front rows, in 2003 we became the sole and exclusive agent for Sanosil Ltd. Switzerland holder of patent no.CH673225 to produce a multi component Disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and silver, and in 2005 became also the sole and exclusive agent for Laboratorium Dr. Deppe (Germany) specialized in producing disinfecting products to fulfill the requirements of hospitals, health centers, dental clinics…


Our activities are not limited to cleaning and disinfecting products, it is also in 1999 that we became the sole and exclusive agents for Stiefel laboratories, one of the oldest companies specialized in the field of dermatology and treatment of Skin diseases.