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Medical Sector Products

Stopping the spread of life-threatening infections is the dream of every society and healthcare provider. This in mind, our people strive and work closely with these entities to set the right hygiene procedures for every department in their establishments to minimize these infections.

Medical - Hand & Skin Care

Alco GelAnti Microbial Hand Gel
Biocidal Hand SoapAnti Micorbial Hand & Body Wash Lotion
Steri Scrub MedicalAnti Micorbial Hand & Body Wash Lotion
Steri Sept BasicAlcoholic Hand & Skin Disinfectant
Steri Sept MedicalPoly Alcoholic Hand & Skin Disinfectant
Iodine 4%Iodine Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
Steri Derm MedicalAlcoholic Skin Disinfectant (Colored/ Non-Colored)
Iodosept 10%Iodine Based Skin Disinfectant
Lotio Derm ProfessionalFoamy Body Wash Lotion

Medical - Surfaces - Short Contact Time

Steri Surface IPoly Alcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Spray Off NPoly Alcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Steri Surface IIAlcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Alpha Gurad GFAldehyde / Alcohol Free Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Top Off WipesPoly Alcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant Wipes
Alpha Guard GF Sensitive WipesAldehyde / Alcohol Free Rapid Disinfectant Wipes

Medical - Surfaces - Long Contact Time

Biocare IMultipurpose Detergent & Sanitizer
Biocare IIAldehyde Based Multipurpose Detergent & Sanitizer
Steri Surface Plus IAldehyde & Phenol Free Surface Disinfectant
Alpha GuardAldehyde & Phenol Free Surface Disinfectant
Steri Surface Plus IIAldehyde Based Surface Disinfectant
Delta GuardAldehyde Based Surface Disinfectant
Pera TechPeracitic Acid Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
Oxi GuardPeroxygen Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
BiosanHydrogen Peroxide & Silver Based Multipurpose Disinfecatant

Medical - Instruments & Endoscopes

Instru SucAldehyde Free Detergent & Disinfectant "Sucking Equipments"
Instru ZymEnzymatic Detergent "Endoscopes –Instruments"
Endo Star neuAldehyde & Phenol Free Disinfectant "Endoscopes – Instruments"
Instru StarAldehyde & Phenol Free Disinfectant "Rigid Endoscopes – Instruments"
Instru Plus ForteAldehyde Based Disinfectant "Endoscopes – Instruments"
Instru CareOil Maintainer "Medical Instruments"
Endomat Plus Viru GuardAldehyde based WD Instrument Disinfectant
Endomat PACPeracetic Acid Based WD Instrument Disinfectant
Labomat EEnzymatic Based WD Instrument Detergent
Labomat MA LiquidMild alkaline WD Instrument Detergent
Labomat SPMNeutral Enzymatic WD Instrument Detergent
Labomat KSMild Alkaline Rinsing Agent WD Instrument

Medical - Miscellaneous

Biocide IQuartenary Ammonium Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
Biocide IIBenzalkonium Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
Safe GuardCetrimide Based Multipurpose Disinfectant
Derttol 4.8 XPhenol Based Multipurpose Disinfectant

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