Pharmaceutical Sector



Pharmaceutical Sector Sanitization Products

Pharmaceutical companies and their medication come to the rescue when all precautionary measures fail and people get sick. It is the worst nightmare a pharmaceutical establishment might face, when their medicine becomes contaminated. It is our top priority to provide these establishments with the right cleaners and disinfectants for each of their production lines and departments to reach the right level of sanitization.

Pharmaceutical - Production Department

Biocare IMultipurpose Detergent & Sanitizer
Biocare IIAldehyde Based Multipurpose Detergent & Sanitizer
Alpha GuardAldehyde & Phenol Free Surface Disinfectant
SpectrumAldehyde & Phenol Free Surface Disinfectant
Delta GuardAldehyde Based Surface Disinfectant
Steri Surface Plus IIAldehyde Based Surface Disinfectant
BiosanHydrogen Peroxide & Silver Based Multipurpose Disinfecatant
Viroxide SuperPeroxygen Based Multipurpose Disinfectant

Pharmaceutical - Equipments

Bactericidal DegreaserMultipurpose Bactericidal Degreaser & Sanitizer
SpectrumAldehyde & Phenol Free Surface Disinfectant
Spray Off NPoly Alcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Steri Surface IPoly Alcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Alpha Guard GFAldehyde / Alcohol Free Rapid Surface Disinfectant

Pharmaceutical - Hand & Skin

Alco GelAnti Microbial Hand Gel
Biocidal Hand SoapAnti Micorbial Hand & Body Wash Lotion
Steri Sept BasicAlcoholic Hand & Skin Disinfectant
Steri Sept MedicalPoly Alcoholic Hand & Skin Disinfectant

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