Food & Beverage Sector



Food & Beverage Sector Products

With the right product mix of cleaners and sanitizers, our partners in the Food and beverage industry can rely on us to make sure that each batch they prepare is healthy and contamination free.

Food & Beverage - Clean In Place

CIP AcidCleaning-In-Place Alkaline Based Sanitizer
CIP AlkalineCleaning-In-Place Acidic Detergent

Food & Beverage - Production Departments

Deep CleanKitchen Degreaser & Sanitizer
Bactericidal DegreaserMultipurpose Bactericidal Degreaser & Sanitizer
CleaverHeavy Duty Degreaser & Decarboniser
FoamsanAlkaline Based Multipurpose Foamy Disinfectant
BiosanHydrogen Peroxide & Silver Based Multipurpose Disinfecatant
Viroxide SuperPeroxygen Based Multipurpose Disinfectant

Food & Beverage - Equipment

Excel RTUAlcoholic Rapid Surface Disinfectant
Bactericidal DegreaserMultipurpose Bactericidal Degreaser & Sanitizer
SpectrumMultipurpose Cleaner & Disinfectant

Food & Beverage - Hands

Centenary Flash RinseAlcoholic Hand Disinfectant
Luxury Hand SoapPerfumed Liquid hand soap
Biocidal Hand SoapAnti Micorbial Hand & Body Wash Lotion

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